I have over 10 years of experience teaching both children and adults, which on multiple occasions has been featured in the Hokkaido Shinbun newspaper. A majority of this experience is English-teaching in a school, college, or afterschool setting, but I have also conducted cultural and workplace-focused workshops. Below are a few past examples:

  • 英語de茶会: Tea Ceremony in English” at Jyomyo-an Tea house (2019)
    At this one-day event, tea ceremony practitioners and other guests held a full tea ceremony in English. In addition to practicing the basic greetings and explanation as required at a tea ceremony, participants learned how to communicate their thoughts and reflections in a formal but expressive English.
  • Summer School: Hawaiian Culture and Dance” at Jelly Beans English School (2017)
    In this summer program, students learned about Hawaiian culture, language, and crafts through the medium of English. They learned about traditional stories, created rope from coconut husk, and made haupia, a coconut dessert from Hawai’i. On the last day, students performed an original hula dance they had learned in Odori Park.
  • Engagement in Local International Exchange Activities” for the Sapporo Orientation conducted by the Hokkaido Prefectural Government (2012)
    This workshop helped orientate new JET Programme participants in how to get involved in constructing bridges between their home countries and Japan on the grassroots level. Real life experience and examples were used to give participants practical ideas workable in their own localities.
  • ALTに学ぶ英会話 Season 2” for Furano City’s Citizen Lectures (富良野市民講座) (2011)
    This course open to residents of Furano City introduced Japanese culture using English. Each week introduced a new cultural topic to learn about and discuss, with the last lesson culminating in a Japanese tea ceremony conducted in English.
  • 異文化体験講座:ハワイ編” for Furano City’s Citizen Lectures (富良野市民講座) (2009)
    Residents of Furano City were able to experience the local food culture of Hawai’i in this workshop, where they first learned to make local dishes and then enjoyed sampling them.

Editing and Translation
I also edit or translate Japanese to English works, including articles in a wide variety of academic areas such as linguistics, psychology, and biology.